Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Taking Opportunities

Taking opportunities, what do I mean? Well you’re not stupid you know what I’m talking about. This is whenever you find something that is useful for you to do you do it and it can greatly benefit, but let’s be more specific. Almost all colleges have multiple opportunities for you to chase. They have their own programmes like at my college they have a student ambassador scheme where you apply for it and if you get it it’s almost like being a prefect but in college, you help with college events and you even help organize them. Keeping it brief it basically looks good for your UCAS application (so they say) and it helps you get somewhere with the experiences in the scheme. But that’s just one of many. They don’t just have their own schemes, they allow other organisations come in and talk about what they did, that’s how I found out about NCS and that was one of the best experiences in my life, but apart from it being an amazing experience it helped me gain skills that I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Getting to the point, you should at the very least consider these kind of opportunities because your college is there to help you get somewhere, so if they are opening doors for you, get your foot in that door. The harsh reality is that if you aren’t making enough noise nobody will notice you. If you are just another person trying their look on their application for whatever it is and they compare you to people who took every opportunity that had put in front of them, chances are they will choose that person. I used to be that person that either could never be bothered or I didn’t think it would benefit me but in reality I should have been bother and it did benefit me. Now I just take anything that is put in front of me.

So what was the best opportunity that you have had or missed? Leave a comment or tweet me @Jayson__Knott :)

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