Monday, 27 April 2015

Student Association, Student Ambassador and Associate Mentor!

So today I thought I’d do something different, I thought I’d tell you guys about what I’m trying to get involved in and maybe it might make you guys think about going to do the same things, if you have these kind of ‘schemes’ set up in your college.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve applied for the student association and student ambassador positions in my college. Being a student ambassador is almost like being a prefect, well it seems like it to me and it is supposed to be a good experience. It’s also something I can put down on my UCAS application, but that’s not the only thing that is motivating me to go for it. I’ve always been that kid that wanted to help out in my school, however in this case its college.

The student association though, that’s what I’m really gunning for, this is something that is extremely beneficial to me and other people in my college. I would essentially become part of how the college is run, I and everyone else in the association would take issues, or ideas, to whoever we think would help and basically tell them what we think needs to change or improve. The student association also organises most of the events in college, for example some of the events in my college are pink day, little events or shops for red nose day, all that kind of stuff. You are essentially the go to students if something needs doing I guess. I don’t know much about the role just yet. But there’s a catch, you have to be elected. I’ve got to say, there is some competition but I think I’ll pull through.

I’m also trying to become an associate mentor for NCS this summer, I got an email about this around two weeks ago and instantly applied. From what I can gather from the information I’ve been given, this position is where you essentially help out the mentors in NCS. That’s all I know so far. I do want to do it non the less, because I really wish that I could do NCS again and this would be the closest I could get to that and it also gives me more experience, gives me the chance of possibly working for NCS and yet another thing to put on my CV and UCAS application.

Well these are the three things I’ve been trying to get involved in and I would be happy if I got just one of these positions. It’s something that’s different and worth doing so I thought why not at least try, because usually I don’t bother with these things because I never think I would get it. But I made it through shortlisting so you never know :)

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Monday, 20 April 2015

I'm Back!

Hey there guys! I’m back! Sorry for not posting over Easter, I’ve been having trouble with my laptop so I couldn’t post.

So what am I going to talk about today? To be honest I don’t have topic, I just want to get you guys up to speed on what’s going on. But I do want to talk about that feeling you get on the first day back from a decently long half term. You all know what I’m talking about, that horrible Sunday night where you tell yourself that you should get an early night, but you never do. If you are like me the first day back is the worst day back, because I personally can’t get to sleep. I stayed up until around 4am last night, and I’m feeling the regret from that now. I mean right now, I just want to back to bed and just watch Netflix all day.

You’ll never guess what happened to me on Saturday though. Well basically I had a very messed up charger for my laptop so I decided to buy a new one. Bear in mind my laptop is 10 years old so I can’t find an official site for this charger. So I found a charger on some site and I decided to buy it. So after around 4 hours of continuous revision and coursework I lay down next to my laptop and I hear this electrical spark like noise, then my laptop essentially blue up and burned my right shoulder. This destroyed the charger, the laptop and my USB with all of my work! Because of that I’ve been in college for the last couple of hours trying to meet my deadlines! I just have the worst luck ever.

Some of you might be wondering why I’m doing this kind of post right now. Well I got a couple of emails from you guys asking why I haven’t been posting and what’s going on with me lately, so I thought I would do this for you guys. Thanks for those emails by the way, they made my day :)

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P.S. never buy a charger from a dodgy website!